Survival to Scale

Survival to Scale

Organize and grow past $10M in profitable sales

Less than 1% of US businesses grow to more than $10M a year.

To succeed in the current business landscape, adopting a non-linear mindset and embracing fundamental shifts in your thinking is crucial. A well-defined strategy and effective tactics won't suffice - you must also focus on scaling up sales, production, and delivery with access to technology, data, and industry-specific expertise.

We've worked with multiple companies between $250k and $3M to break the $10M revenue mark over 18-24 months. Based on that experience, we've developed a framework for organizing, optimizing, and scaling organizations through a systematic, experience-driven process.

What our clients say

" The collaboration between Agema, PHLster, and our distributor has been the single most successful and valuable improvement I've ever executed for this business. "

Jon Hauptman
Founder & CEO of PHLster LLC

"It's hard for me to describe the appreciation I have for Andrew, Kristina, and Mihai. In a short time, they have elevated Phoenix Habitats beyond my wildest expectations."

Ian Hunter
Founder & CEO of Phoenix Habitats

" It feels amazing! My business has grown 120% and is now systems-based. At the end of the day... Agema put me in the driver's seat. "

Grant Gosch
Creative Director / Principal of Jürgen Project

What we do

With our tailored approach and deep expertise in growing companies, we empower organizations to unlock their full potential and achieve sustainable growth.

Executive Mentoring & Support
As you guide your organization through challenging times, you'll have regular check-ins and the option to schedule a call anytime with someone who understands your situation firsthand.
Optimized and Documented Business Playbook
Efficient and optimized processes ensure that you can deliver your product or service as reliably and efficiently as possible, backed by a culture of constant improvement.
Access to a Network of Experts
As part of the program, you'll have unlimited access to our team of experts and an extensive library packed with invaluable resources and insights.
Sales Process + Channel Identification
As you grow, you'll need additional lead-generation routes and analytics. We'll analyze existing markets and develop a data-informed process for increasing gross revenue and lifetime customer value.

Meet your team

Over the course of our engagement, you'll work directly with our award-winning team passionate about delivering exceptional results and creating meaningful connections.

Andrew Cull

Founder & CEO

Andrew leads the team and works directly with clients solving problems around business growth, international, legal, and finance. Andrew leads the company, building the team and working directly on projects. As an experienced founder and C-level executive in multiple industries. His career has included leadership positions in fast-growth companies, turn around operations, and managing large international projects, often in high-risk environments. His diverse background includes emergency medicine, law enforcement, and aviation.

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Steve McCormick


Steve has a MacGyver-like experience in multiple technical and engineering fields solving some of the most difficult problems in the world.
His prior experience includes supporting process-oriented operations that include manufacturing and integrating electronics and mechanical devices, R&D in manufacturing high-risk items in small arms, explosives, electromagnetics, cyber-security, and industrial security.

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