We solve complex problems for founder-led companies.

Video ProductionStrategy

Telling a story with video to raise donations at scale

The team at Oxford Foundation Ukraine raised hundreds of thousands of dollars in short order.

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Identify Cyber-Intruder and secure a sophisiticated home network for an IT professional

It's an invasive experience to be specifically targeted by a hacker, we're happy to know that our client can sleep peacefully without further worry.

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Branding & IdentityWeb DesignStrategy

Conversion Focused Web Design for Sustainable Landscape Firm

In the year following our engagement, the company has grown by over 400% and continues to grow while maintaining a relaxed culture of discipline and execution.

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Business Process DesignSoftware DevelopmentAutomation

Save $338,000 in annual audit expenses through rule-based automation

This resulted in direct cost savings of $338,000 and an invoice error rate from double-digits to below 1%.

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Data ScienceBusiness Process DesignAutomation

Optimizing Forecasts with Predictive Analytics + Data Lake Creation

After 7 years in business with a back-order rate of ~20%, we were able to simultaneous reduce inventory value and completely eliminate all back orders despite 70%+ annual sales growth.

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Software DevelopmentBusiness Process DesignAutomation

Improve Product Fullfillment and Automate Shipping with Serverless Functions

Over the course of one 2 week sprint, the team at Agema Labs tied all the systems together with error notifications reducing full-time fulfillment staff from 4 to 1.5 FTEs dropping order error rate to less than 1%. Three years later, the company is processing more than 800 orders per day with only 1 full-time and 1 part-time fulfillment staff person.

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