Andrew Cull

Andrew Cull

Founder & CEO

I love multi-dimensional problems where relationships, creativity, and systems come together to create objectively measurable success. It’s a privilege to work daily with amazing teammates and clients.

Andrew leads the team and works directly with clients solving problems around business growth, international, legal, and finance.

Andrew leads the company, building the team and working directly on projects. As an experienced founder and C-level executive in multiple industries. His career has included leadership positions in fast-growth companies, turn around operations, and managing large international projects, often in high-risk environments. His diverse background includes emergency medicine, law enforcement, and aviation

Andrew graduated from Western Washington University with a degree in International Politics focused on the Middle East and Pre-Medicine, and later went on to formally study paramedicine and analytical psychology. He spent seven years as a volunteer member of Tacoma Mountain Rescue, on various non-profit boards in alternative education, getting kids into outdoor pursuits, and providing medical care to indigenous populations in high-risk environments. He currently lives in Idaho on a small hobby farm with his wife and three children.