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Space Trucks, Rockets, Solar Flares

May 1, 2023 by Steve McCormick

Space Trucks, Rockets, Solar Flares

Space Trucks

""The Space Truck, powered by Plasmos’ dual-mode propulsion system, will transport payloads to altitudes as high as 1,400 kilometers “to enable in-space manufacturing, last-mile delivery, point-to-point transportation, on-orbit servicing and active debris removal,”"


SpaceX Tests a Huge Rocket


SpaceX test fired their Starship Booster with 31 Raptor engines making it one of the largest rockets ever test fired. The first test launch is rapidly approching which will be the largest rocket ever to take flight by thrust.


Solar Flare

Thankfully, NOT an earth shatering kaboom.



Phone Calls from Space

Making direct satelite calls from space to your phone much easier on the regulatory side.


What we're working on

  • We are assisting a client with several projects that include brand develpment/logos and website tools revolving around stress and anxiety with college atheletes and organizations in general.
  • One of our favorite clients is a high end electrical contractor in the Montecito/Santa Barbara area. They provide immediate white glove treatment for residential clients. Solving software issues in the service and construction departments.