Drones, Materials Science, and Supply Chain

Drones, Materials Science, and Supply Chain

March 6, 2023 by Steve McCormick

Drone Delivery

Mark Rober produces about 10 interesting and crazy videos a year. This is a cool idea for drone delivery.


Supply Chain, Walmart Adapting.

You may have noticed the change in Walmart recently to a more warehouse like organization. Most items can be located on the Walmart app on your phone.


Materials Science Stories

This is the holy grail of materials science. A room temperature semi-conductor. It has a history like cold fusion, big promises but never delivered. May now it will.


3D Printing metal is very difficult.


Rare earth magnets are really important these days. In point of fact, the "rare" does not refer to its abundance. There are rare earths all over the place. Just a lack of refining capacity is the issue here.