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Artificial Intelligence, Boeing 747, Woodworking and Old Photos

December 27, 2022 by Steve McCormick & Andrew Cull & Barnabas Pataki & Mihai Frankfurt

Artificial Intelligence, Boeing 747, Woodworking and Old Photos

End of the 747

Last 747 made for Atlas Air rolls off the line. There have been 1,574 made. How many of you have sat in the coveted upper deck?

Read the Drive Article: The Last 747 Ever Built Has Rolled Off Boeing’s Production Line


AI Artificial Intelligence

We've been playing with OpenAI/ChatGPT which is a natural language artificial intelligence. AI is making a big splash these days. It does certain things extremely well and some things horribly. I asked it to rewrite part of my first paragraph of this entry:

"The Agema team is experimenting with AI, specifically OpenAI's ChatGPT. AI has gained a lot of attention recently for its ability to perform certain tasks exceptionally well, but also for its limitations."

Pretty good! On the other hand I asked it to describe the phrase "the sword is in the pen". Straight forward phrase, a sword is in a pen, like a pig pen. The answer:

"The phrase "the sword is in the pen" suggests that the power of words and ideas, expressed through writing or communication, can be more impactful or influential than physical force or violence. The phrase can be interpreted as a metaphor for the idea that the power of language and communication can be used to effect change or bring about justice, much like a sword can be used in a physical battle. This phrase is often used to emphasize the importance of using one's words and ideas effectively and responsibly, as they can have significant consequences."

It's very good at rewriting and summarizing subjects as well as math problems, Andrew has been using it for high school algebra home work - don't tell your kids... Still has limitations, the human mind is very powerful.

Some AI resources:

A Famous Hungarian (not Barnabas)


Frank Klausz is an old school woodworker who put out many How To videos. He is famous for cutting dovetails by hand faster than a machine. Whether you are a woodworker or not, this man clearly has mastered both his own craft and the ability to effectively teach. Watch this video, it's mesmerizing.

Wooden Ship Building

Steve, building a wooden model of a Greek Trireme from the Battle of Salamis, 480 BC. I have always wanted to do this. The time frame is probably 2 years, it's a bit more challenging than a plastic model.


Adding Color to old B&W photos

Start with black and white photos from the 1940's, give them to Mihai, and this is what he gives you back:

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We've been reading

"The Myth of Artificial Intelligence, Why Computers Can't Think the Way We Do." Eric J. Larsen
Aforementioned in the AI section, explains what all the terms mean, Machine Learning, AI, etc. Also what AI cannot do.

"Moon Walker, The true story of an astronaut who found that the moon wasn't high enough to satisfy his desire for success" Charlie Duke
Can't get higher than walking on the moon. That Brian Regan sketch comes to mind. 1 of 2 Apollo astronauts still alive.

"The Inevitable: Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape Our Future" by Kevin Kelly

What we're working on

  • Working with an electric guitar accessory company, Porter Pickups do all types of cool things, including launching new products and continue the amazing trajectory they are on.
  • Finishing a e-commerce platform from scratch for the outdoor industry - more on that soon. Lots of Golang, Vue, and a little Rust.
  • Launching a new product in the medical space which uses RFID to manage inventory and events.
  • Working with The Nardagani Reading Method prepare for the next phase of growth.
  • Helping a medical distributor deliver millions of testing kits to healthcare facilities and pharmacies every month.