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Al Smith

Al Smith


Nothing excites me more that contributing to a team of amazing talented people that see the power in the successful execution of a unique idea that no one else has though of.

AL is a creative strategist with a passion and drive for out-of-the-box thinking that leads to unique results.

As a long-time entrepreneur launching and selling multiple companies in a broad range of verticals, and working for turning companies around as a C-level leader, he brings a level of multidisciplinary cross-thought to every project.

AL studied business at the University of Victoria in BC Canada graduating with distinction. He immediately launched an aerospace engineering firm working in a unique vertical that quickly grew. His clients included working for large firms like Bombardier, Raytheon, the Department of National Defence, and a multitude of small and medium aerospace companies. Chances are pretty high that you have flown in a plane with a part designed and certified by his team. He currently lives in Victoria BC Canada but loves to travel, meet new people, and explore new remote places.


  • Listed as Top 10 Entrepreneur to Watch in Canada.
  • Founder / Co-Founder of 14 companies including Software, Aerospace, Ocean and Marine, Phone Apps, Overland, Multi Media, and Manufacturing.
  • Turn-around CEO for 3 large organizations in software, healthcare, manufacturing, and non profits.
  • Advised multiple leadership teams in corporate turn arounds and strategic solutions.
  • Mentored over 5o entrepreneurs, trained up coming CEO’s, and trained hundreds of business founders.